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Body of Wellbeing Limited is a Not For Profit organisation established in 2023.  We were established to lead the development, implementation and evaluation of a whole of local community weight-neutral and ‘eating disorders safe’ strategy within the Yarra Ranges. 


Working collaboratively with local organisations, community members and peak bodies, we are developing an Action Plan that will translate the National Eating Disorders Strategy (2023-2033, add link) into the local community setting of the Yarra Ranges.


Our vision is a community connected with, nurturing,

and celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes.



Body of Wellbeing Ltd works collaboratively with stakeholders to promote positive body image, intervene early with eating disorders, and challenge weight bias and stigma. We

  • Advocate for re-imagining the current weight-centred public health policy and funding priorities, moving towards weight-neutral principles,

  • Promote positive body image as a major factor of health,

  • Support organisations to adopt weight-neutral  principles and practices,

  • Connect peak bodies with community program delivery to improve health outcomes,

  • Empower community voices and actions, and

  • Deliver programs to help people compassionately reconnect with their bodies.

About our Board of Directors

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