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to your body

The underpinning philosophy of Body of Wellbeing Ltd is helping our community to connect with their body, and listen to body wisdom with love, compassion and trust.

Our vision is a community connected with, nurturing, and celebrating bodies of all shapes and sizes.

The Board of Directors of BOWL
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To coincide with International Women’s Day

(8th of March), Body of Wellbeing Ltd  is sponsoring the Body of Empowerment Exhibition featuring women artists of the Yarra Valley in the Waterwheel Gallery in Warburton throughout March 2024. As a part of this we wholeheartedly invite you to join us as we celebrate being women and the journey we share with our bodies.

Waterwheel Gallery Open 10am-4pm daily

Body of Empowerment
Exhibition in March '24

My Body's Story

My Body’s Story is a body empowerment project that challenges our weight-centred, objectifying cultural ideals by taking women and women identifying through a process of re-connecting with our bodies with love, compassion and trust, culminating in an artistic expression of the journey we have shared with our body as My Body’s Story.

Next dates May/June 2024

Get to Know Us

Through a range of networks and partnerships within community, schools and professional settings, and in collaboration with local organisations and Victorian and National peak bodies, BOWL offers regular opportunities to gather, discuss and learn about these issues and how, by making small steps locally, we can all make wider reaching changes to our objectifying and weight centred culture.

Community of Practice
and Local Networks


"This was the best workshop on women's empowerment I have ever been involved with"

Participant of My Body's Story,
Yarra Junction, 2021

“Louise is both passionate and informed about promoting positive body image in the lives of individuals and the communities that support them.”

Professor Susan Paxton
(Emeritus Professor),
LaTrobe University, Melbourne

 "The workshop flowed really well with the combination of elements and two facilitators. Loved that everything that we did was body-centric and targeted at self-love and compassion. You were both extremely professional and clearly have excellent knowledge of the subject. Thank you!!! "

Participant of Body of Empowerment workshop, Melbourne, 2019

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